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Noga Tubi
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Recommendations are part of the "licenses" page and play a big role in the cost-saving considerations. 

Here you will find a collection of actionable recommendations that will help you optimize your license utilization and save on SaaS spending.
Our recommendations are based on feature-level usage and are carefully curated to help you identify the most relevant cost savings opportunities.

Available recommendations

The following recommendation types are currently available:

  1. Downgrade underutilized licenses - This recommendation is aimed at helping you save costs on expensive licenses that are not fully utilized and can be downgraded to a cheaper or free tier.  
  2. Reclaim unused licenses - This recommendation aims to help you save costs on licenses that are not used at all and, therefore, can be reclaimed.
  3. Reclaim past user licenses - This recommendation aims to help you save costs on licenses assigned to employees that are no longer in your organization. We will also surface this recommendation for free licenses, as it's not a best practice to keep licenses assigned to past employees from a security standpoint.

The recommendations are available for Zoom, Salesforce, Asana, Zendesk, Miro, Calendly, Monday, Smartsheet, Lastpass, Freshservice, and Airtable. More apps will be supported soon. 

Each recommendation consists of the following:

  • a - The recommendation name and type
  • b- What is the insight - why was this recommendation surface?
  • c- What is the recommended action 
  • d - The expected impact - cost saving, security improvements, or other
  • e- Filter the recommendation by app or by account
  • f - Click the Take Action button to drill into the recommendation details page


Recommendation details
On the recommendation details page, you will be able to:

  • g - View the recommendation setup and logic 
  • h - View the users we recommend taking action on and the data points supporting it
  • I-  Perform the recommended action.


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