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License Cost Benchmarks

Noga Tubi
Noga Tubi
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As SaaS expenses increasingly take a larger portion of company budgets, cost savings is a key concern for IT, procurement, and finance departments.
Torii offers several tools to help with this, including license cost benchmarks.

Our license cost benchmarks allow you to compare the price you are paying per license to the prices similar companies pay using anonymized market data. This can be particularly useful at renewal time, as you can use this information to negotiate better terms with vendors and achieve significant savings.

How to view benchmarks

  1. To opt-in and access benchmarks, go to the Settings page and turn on the "Display license cost benchmark data" toggle.
  2. On the licenses page, you will see a License Benchmark column for each license cost you have entered.
    Note that not all app and license types have available benchmarks, but our coverage will improve as we collect more data.
  3. Entering the Annual cost per license is required in order to see the application's benchmark

How are benchmarks calculated?

Torii uses anonymized market data from three sources to provide benchmarks to our customers:

  1. Manually entered license costs
  2. Uploaded contract documents
  3. Data collected from public resources

For licenses to which we have sufficient data, Torii defines the benchmark range by looking at four quartiles.
Each customer license cost is then classified into either:

  • Above Benchmark - License costs that are in the top 25 percentile of license costs
  • At Benchmarks - License costs that fall within the benchmark range
  • Below Benchmark - License costs that are in the bottom 25 percentile of all license costs

Currently, Torii benchmarks are calculated for Enterprise plans billed annually.

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