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Users Map and Location Insights

Noga Tubi
Noga Tubi
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Torii provides location insights showing where users connect to applications from around the globe.

The Insights page features a Users Map showing usage locations from the last 30 days.

Each country is shown with the number of users who have connected from that country in the last 30 days. Countries with more users are shown in darker shades of blue.

You can click on any country to display the list of users or click See all on the top right to see the list of all users and their locations.

The list of users is shown with the last seen date and the source of the location on the right.

How is country location information gathered?

Torii aggregates location usage information from multiple sources: SSO logins, direct application integrations, usage in Torii, and the browser extension. The country is looked up by an IP Address geo-lookup.

The user's last used location is shown on the map. If a user connected from multiple locations in a period of 30 days, just one country will be shown for that user — the last country the user connected from.

Usage of corporate VPN or proxies will show the user connecting from a country where the VPN/proxy is located.

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