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Managing Monthly Renewals / Contracts

Kristian Munoz
Kristian Munoz
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Automatically update monthly renewal dates using workflows

Torii can help you keep track of your monthly renewals by keeping the next renewal date updated automatically.


Step 1 - Create Contracts With Monthly

  1. Navigate to the application you'd like to add a monthly renewal date

  2. Go to the Contracts tab and click the Plus sign to add a new contract

  3. Update the contract with the details you'd like to track

  4. In the Payment terms field, select Monthly

  5. In the End date field, type the date the upcoming monthly renewal date

Step 2 - Create a Workflow to Automatically Update the Renewal Date

  1. Create a new workflow

  2. Select "Contract Meets Criteria" as the trigger type

  3. In the criteria setup, add these two filters: End date is exactly 0 days from now and Payment term is Monthly

  4. Add action - Update contract field to update the End field to Plus 1 month

  5. Give the workflow a meaningful name and activate it


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