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Subscription Management

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Torii offers a basic plan that is charged monthly. Please note that the billing arrangements for customers on the Professional or Enterprise plans might vary from the information provided on this page. Below, you'll find answers to frequently asked questions about subscription management. Should you have any queries not covered here, our support team is readily available to assist you.


How does Torii licensing work?

Torii's licensing model is tied to the total count of your employees. The classification of users as employees depends on your HR management system's settings and/or your Identity Provider (IDP). These settings can be adjusted to accurately reflect your employee numbers. For detailed guidance on configuring the employee definition in Torii, please refer to this help article.

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If you haven't defined employee parameters in Torii yet, license counts will default to the number of users. This includes all users integrated from your Identity Provider and other sources, with each unique email address representing an individual user. Since the user count typically exceeds the number of employees, defining your employee parameters is crucial to prevent excess charges.

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To monitor your current count of employees or users, visit the Employees/Users widget located on the Insights page.

Billing Cycle for Monthly Customers

For those on a monthly billing plan, charges are automatically calculated at each renewal date. The bill is based on the total count of either Employees or Users as recorded on the last day of the preceding billing period.

Example: Consider a scenario where the billing date is set for the 15th of each month. On April 15, the employee count stands at 250. If there's an addition of 30 employees before the next billing cycle, the bill issued on May 15 would reflect charges for a total of 280 licenses.

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Invoice customers

Customers on the Professional or Enterprise paying via invoice, please reach out to your account manager if you have any questions.


Updating Your Email or Billing Address

Your subscription invoices are dispatched to the email address provided as your billing address during the purchase. To modify this address after your subscription has been activated, simply navigate to the "Settings" section in the Torii Admin console. Here, select “Subscription” followed by “Manage billing”.

You can then update the email address linked to your billing details, ensuring that all future invoices are sent to the newly specified address.



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Accessing Past Invoices

To obtain copies of your previous invoices, start by going to the “Settings” tab in the Torii Admin console. From there, click on “Subscription” and then select “Manage billing”. This section will provide you with the option to download your past invoices in PDF format.

Cancelling Your Subscription

You can cancel your subscription from the Subscription page.

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