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Secrets Vault

Noga Tubi
Noga Tubi
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Secrets are encrypted variables you can create and use securely in workflows as personalization tokens.
Once a secret is created and stored in Torii, its value will never be visible again.
A common use case is for storing an API Key of a 3rd party service and using it as a personalization token when using a Custom Workflow Action

Torii encrypts and stores the secrets securely.
Secrets are only decrypted right before being used during workflow execution

Create a secret 

  1. Go to Settings >> Secret Vault
    On the SECRETS VAULT page, you will find all existing secrets and will be able to create new ones by clicking on “Add secret to vault.
  2. Add the Secret Name and Value and click on Create.
  1. The secret will be added to the list.
    Once added, the secret can be deleted or edited. 
    • Note that only the secret value can be edited and not its name. Changing a name will affect workflows referring to this secret; therefore, we don’t allow changing them.
    • If you delete a secret being used in a workflow, on the next workflow run, it will show as UNKNOWN

Adding a secret to a workflow custom action

  • When creating a workflow with a custom action, for example, a user requests access to the App catalog, and you want a ticket to be opened for a certain product.
  • When adding a custom action, just use the @ sign and look for the secret you created for this action as a Placeholder instead of entering a full sensitive plain text.
  • When the workflow is activated, the placeholder will retrieve the sensitive information without exposing it externally.

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