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Add (Import) Users Manually

Noga Tubi
Noga Tubi
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Though Torii out of the box discovery is very powerful, we enable you to add additional user and app data to complement the automatically discovered information.
You may want to do it when:

  • Native integration for an app is not available
  • An app is not using SSO for logins
  • A browser extension is not installed
  • An app is not a SaaS app
  • An app is an internal tool that Torii cannot identify

Our Capabilities

By providing the following capabilities, we empower you to bring more data into Torii, gain a holistic view of your organization's IT status, and manage all your apps in one place.

  1. Create custom integrations and regularly sync app user data
  2. Manually add custom apps
  3. Manually add users to an app, as described in this article.

How to add users to an app

Note - You must have “Take action” permissions under the Applications scope to perform this action.

The process consists of three stages.


  1. Ensure all active users are maintained in your source app.
  2. Export active app users to a CSV file, and note that you can upload up to 5k rows.
  3. Go to Applications >> the designated app >> Users tab
    Note that in this example, the app has 0 users.
  4. Click on Import.
  5. In the "Import users" popup, select to browse for the file or drag & drop it.
  6. Torii processes the file and indicates how many new users will be added to the app. Note that empty rows in the file will be skipped. 
  7. Click on Import Users.
  8. The users will be added, and the source column will indicate that a user was discovered via a file upload. Note that all users will be added with an "Active" status and will appear as belonging to an imported app account.
  9. We recommend keeping the users' list up to date by importing the CSV file regularly (e.g., once a month).
    Note that when importing a new CSV file, Torii will compare the new user list and the existing user list and add only the new users (those that do not appear on the app page).
  10. When you import a new file and some users no longer appear, Torii will recognize it and ask if you want to keep these users active or remove them.
  11. The users will be added or removed from the active user list accordingly.
  12. Note that after the users are imported to Torii, a file upload source will appear as Users source in the DATA SOURCES section.

Configure offboarding

At this point, you can configure the "Offboarding method" for the app's users.

  1. From the Overview tab, go to OFFBOARDING ACTION and click on the edit icon. Pay attention that you have to configure the offboarding action for the app-imported account.
  2. Configure the preferred offboarding method for this app.
  3. Once configured, the account will change from "not configured" to the Offboarding selected action. In this example - the Jira issue will be opened for any user offboarding. 


Can I delete imported users?

Yes, Delete Imported App Users

Q: What happens if there are several email columns in the file?

Torii will import user emails from the first column on the left.

Q: Can I upload user attributes (licenses, roles, etc)?
Not at the moment.
Torii will scan the file and update only the user emails column.
We might add additional capabilities in the future.

Q: Can I add users one by one from the UI?

Not at the moment.

We recommend first uploading a file with a complete user list and creating an immediate alignment between the Torii environment and your organization.

The next time you upload a file, you can choose whether to upload the full user list or just a file with new emails.  

Q: Can I remove users that were uploaded manually?

Users can be moved from the “Relevant user list” to the “All users list” and marked as "No longer in app":

  • If they were offboarded with Torii
  • If they were not found in a newly uploaded file and marked as past during the upload

You can also remove all imported users in bulk, in case you uploaded a wrong file. Read more here.


Q: Can app owners import users to their apps?



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