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How to Add a Custom Contract Field?

Noga Tubi
Noga Tubi
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Learn how to add custom contract fields to all your application

Custom fields apply to all your contracts.
Custom fields can be used for:

  1. Filtering the Renewals > Contracts table
  2. Choosing visible columns on the Renewals > Contracts table
  3. Adding form fields when sending a form on Workflows

How to add fields

  1. Go to Settings>>  Contract Details
  2. Select the "Group" (a collection of fields) to which you want to add the new field
  3. Press the "+ Add field" button
  4. Select the field type and its details and click Save
  5. Note that you can expand and collapse each group as well as change the groups' order with a simple drag & drop.

Contract history

Torii tracks every change made to all contract fields, custom or default.

    • Clicking on a contract will display the list of its fields
    • Hovering over a field, you will see a history icon
    • Clicking it will bring up a list of each change when it was made and by whom

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