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How to Use the Application Catalog - User Guide

Noga Tubi
Noga Tubi
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Application Catalog user view

The Application Catalog is a searchable portfolio of all the software used in your organization from here you can view all the organization SaaS apps available in the organization.
Get into the Application Catalog from here.

Once in, you will see the full list of the application catalog.

  • The apps are divided into categories, which in most cases match the employee roles.
    For example, there is a category for Customer Success tools, a category for Design tools, and so on.
  • Once in the Catalog, click the app block to get its detailed information on the right panel.
  • Note that you can use the category filters to filter the application view.
    mceclip0.pngTorii identifies apps that a logged-in user signed in to and marks these with a star.mceclip0.png

Request access to apps

Request access to an application by clicking the Request Access button.

Based on the IT admin setup, clicking the button will send your request to the admin. 

Search box

When searching for an app, If an app is not found in the catalog, Torii will identify similar available apps and recommend them to users.

If you still haven't found a suitable application click the "Request a New Application" link

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