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Introduction to Application Catalog

Noga Tubi
Noga Tubi
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Torii Application Catalog is another tool in Torii's toolbox that enables you and the company employees an organized SaaS management.

Making an accessible app catalog to your org employees will help you:

  • Remove application duplications. When employees have access to the entire applications list, they can choose the best tools without introducing duplicate applications or duplicate accounts in the same application.

  • Identify owners. Who's in charge of which application? Application owners are listed next to each application, making them more reachable and better able to share their knowledge and take action.

  • Increase utilization and adoption. Instead of rapidly introducing more and more applications, make better use of the ones you have.
    With transparency into all applications, employees can easily find and access existing and approved solutions.

  • Control new application requests. Your employees can see exactly which applications are supported by Torii and request access in an organized process defined by you.
  • Automate access requests per app, leverage Torii deep integration capabilities and assigning access to the Application Catalog with zero-touch.

The Application catalog is divided into two:

  • Admin console - Where you can manage the catalog apps and settings 
  • Application Catalog  - Exposed to your employees from which they can request to connect to existing apps or send a request for a new app.

Application Catalog from creation to utilizing process 


Application Catalog - Applications displayed in the catalog

First, let's see what the App Catalog should look like to your organization's users.
The catalog lists all apps that are marked as Sanctioned (unless you change the default configuration)

The catalog is fully customizable. you can add, remove and configure request rules for each app.

The users can get to the application catalog from here
The apps are divided into categories, which in most cases match employee roles.
For example, there is a category for Customer Success tools, a category for Design tools, and so on.
Learn how the users see and use the Application Catalog from the How to Use the Application Catalog article

Admin Console - manage apps and settings 

From the side-menu select "Application Catalog," and the following will be available to you as an Admin.

  1. Toggle - Enable/ disable the catalog for employees 
  2. Select Logo - Customize your App Catalog logo 
  3. Select Applications - Configure which applications will be added to your app catalog.
    Note that by default, the catalog shows all apps marked as Sanctioned.
    Once you set up the configuration any new app that matches the rule will be added to the catalog automatically
  4. Select Application Fields - Select the fields you want to appear on the sidebar when a user clicks the selected application
  5. Request Access to an Application - Determine what the flow will be once a user clicks on the "Request Access" button.
  6. Request New Application - Determine if you want to allow the employees to request a new application.
    Read the Application Catalog Settings article to learn more.
  7. Access Request Policies is an additional tab under which you will find all automation configured for app requests (Click here to read about automation and policies).
  8. A link to the application catalog once published
  9. Publish/Enable the App Catalog to employees.

Publish the application catalog 

Once the Application catalog is configured and ready, turn on the Enable for all employees toggle. Copy the link and communicate it to all employees.

Here you will find our recommendation on communicating the Application Catalog to the employees.


Signing in with or without SSO

With SSO
💡 Having your SSO SAML connected to Torii will ease the login process of employees to the catalog, as they will not need to create a new username/password since they can use your organization's SSO platform.

If SSO authentication is configured for your account, the user can click on the Torii button on your identity provider dashboard (Okta, OneLogin, Google, Microsoft, etc...) and be sent directly into the application catalog. A Torii user will be automatically provisioned for them and there is no need for signing up.

You can allow your entire organization access to Torii from your identity provider or limit it to specific groups or people. Users will be created as members without access to the Torii dashboard but with access to the Application Catalog.

Without SSO

If SSO is not configured for your account, users can sign up using an email and password.
This is the flow for your users:

Step 1

The user visits

Step 2

The user clicks on the "Sign up" button.

Step 3

The user enters their email address and clicks "Confirm".

Step 4

The user will receive an email with a confirmation link. A click on that link will send the user directly to the application catalog where they will be asked to choose a password.

Additional Application Catalog articles 

  1. Applications Catalog Settings
  2. Application Catalog - How to Automate "Request Access" Process
  3. How to Use the Application Catalog - User Guide
  4. Application Catalog Communication



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