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Applications Catalog Settings

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Read the "Introduction to Application Catalog - Admin" article


Customize the appearance and the behavior of the Application Catalog

Torii allows you to fully customize your application catalog by configuring which information about apps to expose to your employees. For example, you can add app usage guidelines that are specific to your org or show which teams you recommend to use the app. You can also configure if employees can request access to existing or new apps from the catalog page.
Settings page

  1. Toggle  - Enable/ disable the catalog for employees 
  2. Select Logo - Add a company logo to the catalog. Note that the recommended size for a logo image is 1320px x 300px. Most image types are accepted, including PNG and SVG.
  3. Select Applications - Select/ configure the applications you want to display in your App Catalog 
  4. Select Application Fields- Enables you to add and remove fields from the right window displayed when selecting an app from the catalog.
  5. Request Access to an Application - Enables you to configure the action triggered when an employee presses the "Request access״ button
  6. Request New Application - Enables you to configure the action triggered when an employee presses the "Request New application ״ link

Select Applications

Application catalog default is to show all sanctioned applications.
However, Torii allows you to configure rules to populate your application catalog automatically.

Torii allows you to configure dynamic rules that automatically apply to all apps in your SaaS stack to add or remove them from the catalog. Set up the rules once, and Torii will maintain the catalog for you!

Configure filters within the application catalog settings page

  1. Open the "Select Applications" section within the Application Catalog Settings page
  2. Add the filters you want to apply to your app stack when creating the catalog
    For example, you might want to show only sanctioned applications with more than 25 users. This will ensure that applications that are not widely adopted will be automatically hidden from the catalog.
  3. Note that you can add more than one filter to help you focus the application catalog to your needs.
  4. Each time you add a new filter, you will see a total number of apps matching the filter in the notification under the filter area.
  5. You can view the list of the apps which were added to the catalog by clicking the link "View applications".
    The list will display information like the App's name, owner, current users, and more.
    The catalog will immediately update each time you edit the filters. Therefore, we recommend setting up the filters before publishing the catalog.
    Application catalog indication on the application page
    Every application matching the filter criteria and appearing in the catalog will have an indication on its overview page. See the below "About" section for reference. 

Select Application Fields

In the "Select Application Fields" section, you can add and remove fields displayed on the right-side panel when a user selects a specific application.

The fields you can select are either Torii predefined fields (description, owner, tags, and users) or application custom fields that you defined in the Application Details section.

Any field you select is immediately added to the panel on the right to provide you with a visual preview of how the information is going to be displayed in the catalog. You can change the order of the fields by dragging and dropping the field boxes up and down.

Request access to an application 

As a Torii admin, you can configure what will happen when employees request access to apps in the catalog.

Read the - Application Catalog - How to Automate "Request Access" Process article to learn more

Request new application

If you want your employees to be able to request access to an application not in the catalog, enable the "Request New App" button to streamline your employee's requests.

If you enable the button, make sure to link it to the form you want your employees to complete or to your organization's service portal where they can open a ticket.

Publish the application catalog 

Once the Application catalog is configured and ready, turn on the Enable for all employees toggle. Copy the link and communicate it to all employees.

Here you will find our recommendation on communicating the Application Catalog to the employees.

Watch this video - 🎥 App Catalog Setup

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