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Where Can I Download Torii's Browser Extension?

Noga Tubi
Noga Tubi
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Learn where you can download Torii's browser extension manually using a direct link for Chrome, Firefox, and Edge browsers

Torii's browser extension can be installed for various browsers:

  • Chrome - Install from the Chrome Web Store: Torii for Chrome.

  • Firefox - Install by opening this link using Firefox: Torii for Firefox.

  • Edge - Install from the Microsoft Edge Addons page Torii for Edge.

  • Legacy Edge - Edge versions before version 77 are no longer supported.

If you'd like to roll out Torii's extension to the entire organization, you can do that directly from your Google Workspace (G Suite) admin. Check this article for further instructions. 

Rolling out an extension to the entire organization can be sensitive. We highly recommend you speak to our support about the best practices to communicate the extension roll-out to the organization.

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