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Browser Extension Communication

Noga Tubi
Noga Tubi
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How to communicate the importance of the browser extension to employees.

Before deploying the Torii browser extension to your employees, we suggest sending them an email explaining the motivation of using Torii's browser extension.


You can use this template as an example:


Rolling out Torii browser extension to all employees


Email Body:

Who should read this?

Everyone working at [Company] 😀


What is Torii?

Torii is a platform that helps us keep track of the cloud apps we love and use for our work at [Company].


Torii maps the applications and users which help to evaluate the actual usage of each app. At the moment, Torii is helping us manage [367] different business applications being used!


The main sources for information are:


  • [Company]’s Google account

  • [Company]’s Slack account

  • [Company]’s Okta account

  • [Company]’s Onelogin account

  • Expense reports from accounting systems

  • Browser extension

Why do we need it?

To evaluate app utilization and efficiency and to comply with our security certifications. On top of that, latest GDPR regulations requires [Company]  IT to have up-to-date list of all SaaS being used. 


What does it mean for me?

A browser extension will be installed, looking like this:


The browser extension will keep track of the business apps that you access using your Company’s email. Under the browser extension you will have full visibility of your work related apps that Torii has discovered.


You will be asked to activate the extension by signing in to Torii. The short sign-in process takes less than 2 minutes.

Sign in to activate the extension


What kind of information is collected?

Only the fact that you have logged on to an app, using your [Company]’s email.


Does the extension map applications with personal usage?

No. Torii only maps business SaaS applications and does not analyze or store personal usage.


Examples of apps that are mapped: Salesforce, HubSpot, New Relic, MailChimp, and any app that is used for business purposes.


Examples of apps that are not mapped: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Audible and any other personal apps.


Some applications may present versions for personal and versions for business use, such as Facebook vs Facebook ads, LinkedIn vs LinkedIn Recruiter, Twitter vs Twitter ads. Torii only maps the business usage.


What information is visible to our internal Torii admins? And who are these people?

Exactly the same information that you can see yourself under Torii extension: list of apps and how frequently the app has been used.


Torii project is lead by the [Department] and [Name] will be using the admin tool mostly. Admin access is also granted for roles who manage or monitor our tools already today: [Department] 


Are there any security or privacy concerns? What about the apps I access with my personal credentials?

If you are not using [Company]’s email, the app is not mapped - you can easily check this from app list under your browser extension.


Our InfoSec has approved using Torii. And security certifications are actually one of the reasons we are using Torii.


Additional information about the extension can be found at

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