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Application Catalog Communication

Noga Tubi
Noga Tubi
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How to communicate the release of the application catalog to your employees.

This is the process recommended for Torii admins after you published the application catalog in Torii by toggling the Enable for all employees toggle button. (See below.)

The next step is to communicate the app catalog to your employees.

Torii’s suggested best practice process is as follows:

  1. Send a company-wide email

  2. Send an IT help desk message

  3. Build a wiki (Confluence, Sharepoint, Asana, Notion, etc.) page detailing how to use the app catalog

  4. Add the link to "How to Use the Application Catalog" to your communication.

1. Company-Wide Email Template

Purpose: Inform all employees about a new tool that gives them visibility into approved SaaS apps and how to request access an application.

Subject: [Company Name] Employee Software Application Catalog

Body: Starting today, you can access [Company Name’s] Software Application Catalog by [insert how you want employees to access the app catalog. Possible examples could be a tile in your SSO dashboard or your service desk portal]


Our Software Application Catalog displays applications that are approved and available to use within [Company Name]. This is your one-stop shop to browse apps and learn the following:

  • What applications are available

  • How to request access to applications

  • How to request a new application you don’t see available

  • And more!
    To learn more, like how to add an app to the catalog, visit [link to a wiki page or your collaboration software like confluence, Sharepoint, Asana, etc.].

2. IT Helpdesk Message Template

Purpose: Inform all of [Company Name] about a new tool that gives them more visibility into approved tools and how to request access

Sent by: Bot (if available) or Banner on the Service Desk Portal


If you missed the email sent earlier today, you now have access to [Company Name’s] Application Catalog! It can be accessed via [insert how you’d like your employees to access the app catalog. Example: your Okta Dashboard by clicking the ‘Torii’ tile]

To learn more, like how to add an app to the catalog, click here [insert wiki page, or confluence, notion, asana, etc.].

3. Wiki Page(s) Template

Page 1: Application Catalog

Looking for what apps are available? Or need help finding a tool? [Company Name] has an Application Catalog of approved tools to help you pick the right app for your needs.

Navigating to the Application Catalog

You can navigate to [Company Name’s] Application Catalog the following way/ways: [insert way you want employees to navigate to app catalog]:

  1. Click the Torii tile from your [Insert SSO SAML name] dashboard.

Page 2: Requesting Access to an Application

When you are inside the Application Catalog and select an app tile, you will see the “Request access" button on the app information panel. You can then request access to the application you want to use. [Based on the IT admin setup, clicking the button will either redirect the employee to a different domain (e.g. help desk) or run an automatic action (read more in Request application access workflow article)].

This right-hand navigation panel displays more than just how to request access. You’ll find:

  • Tool description

  • Owner of the tool

  • Number of app users

  • Features supported by the tool

  • And more!

Page 3: Request an Application Be Added to the Catalog

In case you can’t find an application you are interested in using within the catalog, you can submit a request for a new app. To achieve this, you need to click the "Request a new application" link above the apps list. This will redirect you to [another page as defined by an admin] where you will be asked to provide details about the app you would like to use.

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