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Defining Application Inactivity

Noga Tubi
Noga Tubi
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Account Setting

You can define when a license should be considered inactive, based on the last used date, for any application integrated within Torii -


To set this the account inactivity threshold you would go to the Settings Page and select the desired "Inactivity period".

Once this is set you will be able to view your inactive licenses on the Licenses Page and enable License Management workflows to trigger.



When you go to Workflows, you can create License Management automation with the "License not in use" trigger.

Within any individual workflow you can define the "Inactivity period" to use as the trigger criteria. This will allow you to control the exact trigger date by application and license type.


Pro Tip: You can use the "Inactivity period" to send reminders. For example, you can request an approval to remove a Zoom Licensed license after a user has not used it in 30 days and you would only remove this license if they said it is alright to do so. If a user does not give their approval or does not respond to the request you could trigger another workflow to begin 60 days after it was last used. In this workflow you can downgrade the license to Basic and alert the user that this has been done.


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