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How to Add Expenses Manually

Noga Tubi
Noga Tubi
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Importing expenses can be done in the following ways:

  • Automatically import SaaS expenses into Torii by connecting your ERP/Expense system like Netsuite or Expensify into Torii (search for the desired app in our help center and follow the integration instructions)

  • Manually (described in this article) - import the expenses by uploading the expense report

  • Via API

This article will show the manual process of importing an expense report.

Add expenses manually process

  1. From the Expenses page click on Upload expenses report

  2. In the Upload, window upload an XLSX/CSV file
    Note, The expense report should contain the following fields: Description / App Name, Transaction Date, Amount, Currency (optional)

  3. You can also download and use our expense template

  4. After uploading the file, use the Map Attributes window will open in which you should make sure to match your file's column to Torii's attributes.
    Do that by selecting from the dropdown list, your report (the XLS) column, and matching it to Torii's field name.

  5. Click Finish when done

  6. Once the file is uploaded, You can click it to view the full report

  7. View the report, see the number of total & matched transactions and the matched expenses

  8. From the Matched app column, you can match an unmatched app, or change a selected match
    Note, that changing a matching at this point will be effective for this transaction only. you can also create a Matching rule (link here) to always apply this matching to a transaction

  9. Any unnecessary expense can be archived by hovering over it and clicking the archive icon

    Note, All uploaded expenses files can be viewed under Expenses >> Expense files.

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