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Expenses - All Expenses Tab

Noga Tubi
Noga Tubi
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The All Expenses tab enables you to get full transparency into your expenses.
Here you can:

  • View the ongoing expenses - To ensure you have an accurate picture of your SaaS spending, review the recently Matched and Unmatched expenses, and customize the matching as needed using matching rules.
  • Find missing expenses - Search for missing expenses you don't see but know were paid. Once found, you can create matching rules accordingly.

View All Expenses

Available columns:

  1. Transaction date - The date that was recorded in your finance app.
  2. Amount and Description - The transaction amount and description detail. If this expense was converted in Torii, its original amount and currency will be displayed under the Amount column.
  3. Source - The transaction origin - a finance app or imported files
  4. Matching Status - Indicates if the expense was matched, unmatched, or archived.
  5. Matched by - Indicates if the matching was done by Torii AI by a matching rule or was edited manually.
  6. Matched App - The App this expense is matched to.

Edit Expenses

Hovering over an expense enables editing or archiving it.
From here, you can move an expense under a different app and change the expense date or amount.
Note that this update will be applied to this specific expense only; therefore, if you wish this change to apply to previous and future expenses, you should set it using the matching rules


  • You can get other transaction views, like Unmatched, Archived, or All expenses, by selecting them from the dropdown menu. 
    Note that the Unmatched expenses are visible for selected permissions only.
  • With the second filter, you can target the results view to view selected dates, amounts, and more.  Use the filter button to refine your results even further.

Archived expenses

Archived expenses are expenses that don't contribute to your costs calculation, and you manually decided to archive.
Archived expenses can be Unarchived.

Unmatched expenses 

Unmatched expenses are available only to Torii admins and users with "Expenses - Read & Write" permissions.
If you don't see the "Unmatched expenses" in your dropdown list and you have the required permissions, please contact your Torii CSM.

When selecting Unmatched expenses, you will find the expenses that were synced into Torii but were not matched to any app.

Most of the unmatched expenses are not software related and so should remain unmatched.  However, you may find unmatched expenses that should have been matched.

This can happen due to the following:

  • Typo in an app's name
  • Expenses missing the app name
  • App names that are dictionary words (examples: Box, Confetti) are not automatically matched based on name only to avoid false matches.
  • Multiple app names in one expense
  • The app is not yet known to Torii

Matching Status in Unmatched view.

Under the Matching status column, you will find two status types 

  • No match found - Expenses without a match
  • Potential match:
    • When Torii’s matching algo identifies an expense with an app name that is a "dictionary" word, to minimize false positives, it will not match it but set it to “potential match”
    • When an expense contains a phrase that implies it’s for a SaaS subscription like subscription, plan, renewal, etc., but no app name, it will classify it as a “Potential match”
      Each expense can be edited (matched) or archived manually; however, we do encourage you to create a matching/ ignore rule for each expense type you found under "Unmatched expenses." so it will apply to similar transactions going forward.

Who can access Unmatched expenses? 

  • Expense take action - can access the All Expenses page, including Unmatched expenses.
  • Expense view only - can access the All Expenses page, excluding Unmatched expenses.
  • Expense no access - cannot access the expenses page.


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