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Deleting Expenses

Noga Tubi
Noga Tubi
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How to Remove Expenses Once They are Mapped

There are several ways to add and remove expenses in Torii. We will review the different ways to do this.

When deleting an expense file or disconnecting a finance integration, its data will be fully removed from every location within Torii. 

Removing All Expenses From an Uploaded File

You can manually load expenses through a spreadsheet here - You can easily remove all expenses from a given upload by deleting the upload.

Removing Selected Expenses From an Uploaded File

If you do not want to remove all expenses from an upload, you can also remove select ones. You would do this by going into the expense file upload and archiving the needed expenses.


Removing Expenses From a Single Application

You can go into any application and remove a given expense. First, go to any application and go to the expense tab.

Then go to any expense that should be removed and go to the right of it.

Click on "Archive" and it will be removed once you confirm your action.

Use Custom Matching Rules

You can create custom matching rules here - - to tell the platform how to map expenses.

You can have rules that ignore particular items. Once set this will update existing expenses and work for future expenses.

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