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Automated Expense Deduplication

Noga Tubi
Noga Tubi
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This article describes the way Torii manages and prevents expense duplication.


Torii provides a comprehensive view of your SaaS expenses and enables you to take control of your SaaS spend, identify cost-saving opportunities and plan ahead.


Torii retrieves the expense information from:

  1. Integrations with financial tools such as NetSuite, Expensify, QuickBooks, and more

  2. CSV files uploaded manually

Possible reasons for expenses duplication

Getting the same expense from different sources like:

  • Having more than one expense app integrated with Torii that will retrieve the same expense for example: NetSuite & Expensify

  • 2 sources of manually uploaded files for example Monthly + quarterly reports

  • A combination of expense integration app & manual report

How does Torii handle and avoid expense duplication?

Torii syncs the sources and cross-checks the Transactions

  • If more than one source (for example Netsuite + Expensify) shows an identical Date (1), Amount (2), and Application (3) , the additional expense will be deduplicated and only one transaction will be displayed

  • Transactions from expense files that share the same app, amount, and date, AND ARE NOT from the same file, will be considered duplicates and will be deduplicated


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