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How to Upload a File Using the Torii Public API

Noga Tubi
Noga Tubi
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This article describes how to upload a file using the Public API.


Torii supports various features which involve uploading files, such as: importing contracts, uploading expense files, and syncing custom integrations' data.

While it is possible to upload files via the user interface, we also allow uploading files using the Public API.

Files are uploaded and stored securely on AWS's S3, encrypted both in transit and at rest.

How-To Guide

Small files (up to 3MB)

To upload a small file using the public API, you can make the following request:

curl --header 'Authorization: Bearer API_KY' \
--form file=@'PATH/TO/YOUR/FILE' \
--form type={FILE_TYPE} \

Read the full Upload File API reference to learn more.


Large files (3MB or larger)

To upload a file using the public API, you need to follow these 3 steps:

  1. Ask for an upload URL. This is a secure, temporary S3 URL:

    curl -H "Authorization: Bearer API_KEY" \{FILE_NAME}&type={CONTENT_TYPE}

    It returns a URL (used in step #2) and the file's path (used in step #3)

    Read the full Get parameters for uploading files API reference to learn more.

  2. Use the URL returned in step #1 to upload the file directly to S3:

    curl -H "Content-Type: {CONTENT_TYPE}" \
    -X PUT {S3_URL}
    --data-binary @'PATH/TO/YOUR/FILE'


  3. Inform Torii that the file has been uploaded successfully:

    curl -H "Authorization: Bearer API_KEY"
    -H "Content-Type: application/json"
    -d '{"path":"{FILE_PATH}","type":"{FILE_TYPE}"}'

    It returns a unique file identifier that can be used to get additional information about this upload.

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