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Torii API

Noga Tubi
Noga Tubi
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Torii API Documentation can be found here

Generate Torii API key

  1. Go to the Settings page >> API Access
  2. Click on Generate API Key

  3. Select the permission type
  4. Set an Expiration date: For security purposes, we recommend setting an expiration date when generating a new API key.

    - The key will become invalid on the chosen expiration date.
    - Torii will send an email reminder a month prior to the expiration date reminding you to generate
       a new API Key.

  5. Add a description.
  6. Copy the key at this point, after this step, the full key will become unavailable.
  7. Click Got it

  8. The new key is added, read about API key rotation to learn about replacing the API key once expired.
  9. Read the API Documentation (requires to be logged in to Torii)

API Key Rotation

Token expiration can not be changed after its creation.

The recommended way to rotate the API key is to:

  • Generate a new API key
  • Find and replace the old with the API in your system
  • Delete the old API

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