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Introduction to Custom Integrations

Noga Tubi
Noga Tubi
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Build your own integration and push user and license data into Torii using our robust API


Torii supports more than 100 out-of-the-box integrations with SAAS apps. However, what about apps Torii does not integrate with yet?

This is not a limitation - we allow adding custom integrations.

You can build your own integration and push user and license data into Torii using our robust API.

We recommend using custom integration functionality to connect your on-prem and home-grown apps and manage all your apps in one single place.

Note that custom integrations:

  • Support syncing users, licenses, roles, and last used dates
  • Cannot sync expenses, even if the integrated app contains expense data
  • Work best for onboarding/offboarding/license optimization scenarios

Few examples of how you can benefit from connecting non-integrated apps to Torii:

  1. Manage user off-boarding from any software in Torii. Once all apps used in an org are connected to Torii, you will be able to configure off-boarding methods for all apps users are assigned to. If an app has an open API, you will be able to automate off-boarding through custom action.

  2. Run robust workflows for any app. For example, you can configure a workflow that sends notifications when a number of unassigned licenses for the on-prem app pass a certain threshold and then make sure you purchase more licenses in advance.

Important prerequisites & instructions!

  1. To connect custom integration you are required to have Torii Admin permissions
  2. The Setup & preparation can be done by the IT administrator
  3. Working with the API, uploading and syncing users should be done by a developer

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