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Workflows Q&A and Troubleshooting

Noga Tubi
Noga Tubi
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Workflow errors, and errors notifications, Q&A

Q: How can I get notified of workflow errors?

A: Torii workflows are a powerful tool to get your routine manual tasks automated. But what if a workflow has failed? We believe that the best way to eliminate errors is to fix them right when they occur. This is where workflow notifications come into play.

Workflow notifications trigger when a workflow fails or is completed with errors. The notifications include all necessary details for easy fixing including workflow name, actions and reasons for the error. They will be sent to your preferred Slack channel and/or directly to specific users. To subscribe, go to the Workflow Settings page.

Q: My workflow is not running, and actions are not triggered.

A: It might happen due to Torii "Spike (peak) protection", meaning, if we detect a spike in workflows (300 or more actions taken at the same time), our protection will halt the execution, and will wait for your feedback to resume.

What can you do?

  • Torii Support will probably receive notification, recognize the issue and contact you before you even notice it.

  • In case you initiated the workflow and the workflow doesn't respond, please:

    • Contact us by our support email at

    • Contact us via the Intercom chat on our website.


Q: How long does it take for workflow errors to populate in the 'Torii' slack channel? Is it immediate?

A: Workflow errors settle in Slack immediately upon Torii encountering them.

Q: If there are two recipients for an action, and I put them in the body of the email action. Will both recipients see their own names?

A: Yes. Two different emails are sent, so each one will see their own name

Q: What order are workflow actions executed in?

A: In a single workflow, actions will be executed one after another in order from top to bottom. This is why we suggest toggling on "Continue workflow on error."

Q: Do different workflows run in parallel?

Yes, if multiple workflows trigger at or around the same time, they will run simultaneously.

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