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Giving Product Feedback at Torii

Uri Nativ
Uri Nativ
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We value your input and are keen to understand how you use Torii and how we can enhance it. We encourage you to share your suggestions, ideas, and feedback through our Feedback Board.

Before Submitting a Feature Request

Search the community forum to ensure your feature request hasn’t been submitted already. If it has, upvote the existing request to show your interest.

Which Board to Post?

  • For new feature requests, post on the "Feature Request" board.
  • For integration requests, post on the "Integration Request" board.

Why Submit a Feature Request?

Your feedback is instrumental in helping us improve Torii. It provides insights into user needs and preferences.

How to Submit?

Post your feature request in our Feedback Board, under the relevant board, add the context and use-case.

What Happens Next?

Our Product team reviews all feedback, and may reach out for further discussion. While every request is reviewed, submission doesn’t guarantee implementation.


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