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Torii AI

Ayala Bar-Emet
Ayala Bar-Emet
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Torii AI features use artificial intelligence (AI) to match data to apps, categorize, or otherwise analyze data and/or content to help users in your organization with SaaS management tasks.

Torii AI refers to two sets of features:

  • Powered by Torii AI: this feature set is powered by Torii’s own proprietary models and algorithms.
  • Powered by AI partners: this feature set relies on generative AI and large language models developed by third parties (e.g., OpenAI).


Which Torii features are powered by the different AI feature sets? 

Applications and expenses automated matching are powered by Torii AI.

Contract Magic Auto-Fill which extracts contract details from a contract PDF and Application Identifier which populates application info when creating a custom application are powered by AI partners.


Does Torii allow AI to train models using my input or output?

We do not use your input or output to train machine-learning models, and we do not authorize others to either.


Does Torii use a public or private model?

Torii uses a public model.



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