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Refining Application Discovery

Uri Hershkovitz
Uri Hershkovitz
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As your SaaS system of truth, Torii automatically discovers applications from multiple sources. This allows Torii to create an accurate, rich & complete mapping of your organization's SaaS stack.

In rare cases, you may come across an application used in your organization that is missing from your Torii environment. This article will help you understand how Torii’s app mapping works, how to find these apps, present them in Torii, and get access to their data.


Torii app mapping

Torii finds all third-party applications in your SaaS stack and matches them to relevant apps in our state-of-the-art database using AI. Using this method, we reduce noise from non-business apps and allow you to focus on managing what matters.

With Torii’s app matching capability, you are empowered to customize Torii’s mapping by making any manual changes that fit your needs - whether it’s showing apps we cleaned up for you, removing information from test accounts within your tenant, or any other relevant use cases.


Discovered apps

In addition to the curated list of SaaS apps found in the Review tab in the Applications page, Torii provides access to the full list of discovered apps within your environment, as well as the ability to manually match them to the correct apps - and even create custom apps to fit any need.

You can access the list of applications discovered by Torii in two ways:

  • In the Applications page, navigate to the Refine tab (This will provide the full list of all discovered applications).
  • In a specific app page (i.e. Google Workspace), navigate to the Discovered Apps tab (this will only present applications discovered from this source).

In these pages, you can easily find all applications that Torii has discovered, and make any customizations you need to fit your organization’s needs. In addition, you can manually match an undisplayed app to manage it within Torii. Any changes made will be updated in your Torii environment after a short automatic sync.

The current list of applications from which Torii discovers additional apps are:

  • Google Workspace
  • Okta
  • Azure AD
  • Office365
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Salesforce (only OAuth apps, due to API limitations)
  • Slack
  • OneLogin
  • Keycloak
  • Jamf (discovers apps installed on your company's devices)



Q: I am not able to find a specific application in the Refine tab that does appear in the Review tab in the Applications page. Why is this?

A: Apps discovered through Torii’s browser extension will not be shown in the refine tab and cannot by mapped by Torii customers.


Q: The “Discovery date” for my apps is very recent, but I’ve been using Torii for a while now. Why is that?

A: The “Discovery date” is measured from the release of this feature. It will not accurately show previously found app dates, but will be accurate for all newly discovered apps going forward.


Q: There is an app I know my organization is using, but I can’t find it in the Applications -> Review tab. Why is Torii not recognizing this app?

A: Torii’s smart discovery capabilities are extensive, but, there are two known cases where an app you’re expecting to see could be missing:

  • Torii discovered the application, found it to be non-business related, and did not automatically match it to reduce noise.
  • Torii discovered the application, but wasn’t 100% certain if the app matches one of our approved apps (likely due to a different naming convention than expected). So as to not show incorrect information, we don’t automatically match it.

Q: Under the Refine tab, why are there multiple instances of the same app from the same source? 

A: This can happen due to two reasons:

  • They are the same app, but with different accounts (you can see this by adding the Account column from the column selector).
  • There are multiple apps with the same name in the source, but different IDs (you can see the external ID by hovering over the discovered app name). This could be from different instances it was connected, different work environments (production, staging, dev etc.) or other reasons. We recommend you go to the source and investigate the reason for duplication there. 

Q: I manually matched a discovered app in the Refine tab that did not previously appear in the Review tab, but it is not showing as a discovered app in the Torii. Why is that?

A: This can happen for a number of reasons:

  • Please make sure that you applied changes after making changes to app matching.
  • After you apply any manual changes, a sync for the affected apps starts. Until it is finished, the information will not be updated in Torii.
  • For some app discovery sources (such as Okta), Torii only discovers active users. For these sources, Torii will only present newly mapped apps in the Review tab once active users are discovered during a sync. If Torii did not receive any login attempts for this app in the sync after changes were applied, it will not immediately appear. Once Torii sees a login, the app will be added to the relevant tab. 

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