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Learn About the Procurement Role in Torii

Noga Tubi
Noga Tubi
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If you are in charge of your Organization's procurement and contracts, you will find Torii a very powerful tool for overseeing and managing the organization's expenses and contracts.

With Torii, you can get a comprehensive view of:

  • Costs - How much your organization spends on SaaS applications monthly/ yearly/ per application and more
  • License - What are the company license trends of active/ inactive/ unassigned licenses per date and get the decision according to these trends
  • Contracts and renewals - Be always on top of managing the company contract and get notified when a contract renewal time is arriving and much more

To do so, we recommend taking a few minutes to read and watch the following articles & videos to learn how to use Torii to save a lot of time and money 


🎥 Welcome to Torii! (5m)

🎥 Where Does Torii Get Its Data? (9m)

🎥 Explorer's Guide to Your SaaS Ecosystem Pt. 1 (10m)

🎥 Explorer's Guide to Your SaaS Ecosystem Pt. 2 (10m)

🎥 That One App No One Uses - Recognise and act on Inactive license (5:30m)

🎥 The Secret Life of Apps - Discover SaaS use through expenses, how to manually import expenses, and what trends Torii tracks! (7m)

🎥 To Renew or Not to Renew - Learn how Torii can be a supplement to your contract management (6m)


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