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Send Employees Their Initial Google Workspace (G-Suite) Credentials

Noga Tubi
Noga Tubi
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Onboarding workflow - send new employees their initial Google Workspace credentials to their personal email address


Giving new employees their Google Workspace (G Suite) credentials is probably one of the first steps required to get them up and running.

The example workflow below shows how to send the initial credentials to their personal email address.

This example assumes you have new hires' personal email addresses already synced to Torii.


1. Create a User Meets Criteria Workflow

  1. Create a new workflow

  2. Select User Meets Criteria trigger

  3. Setup the criteria based on the employee start date


2. Change Google Workspace User Password

  1. Add Change Google Workspace user password action

  2. Select your Google Workspace account

  3. Choose User - as we're changing the password of the user that meets the criteria

  4. In the password login - choose Random password

3. Send the Credentials to the Private Email Address of the New Employee

  1. Add Send Email action

  2. In the To address, choose the employee private email address

  3. Optionally, send it to their manager as well

  4. User [Action 1: New password] placeholder to add the newly generated password

4. Force User to Change Their Password

  1. Add Force Google Workspace user to change password at next login action

  2. Select your Google Workspace account

  3. Choose User - that meets the criteria

5. Activated your Workflow

Activate your workflow by click the Active toggle button.


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