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Using Relative Dates Filters

Noga Tubi
Noga Tubi
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How to use the different date filter operators

Torii includes powerful filtering capabilities for dates. These filters can be used on any date attribute when filtering tables or defining workflow criteria.

Using the correct date operator might be confusing at first, and this help article provides clear guidance on when to use each date operator.


Future dates vs. past dates

In order to choose the right date filter, you should first ask yourself whether you are referring to a date that will happen in the future, happen today, or a date that has passed:

  • Future - use the from now operator
    e.g. Employee start date is coming in less than 7 days from now

  • Today - use the is today operator
    e.g. Application security review date is today

  • Past - use the ago operator
    e.g. A contract renewal date is more than 30 days ago

The diagram below can help you use the right operator:


Date timelines



Review the following examples for the various use case in which the date filter operators are used.


Workflow - Contract Meets Criteria Examples:

Send a reminder to the contract owner 60 days prior to renewal

Send a reminder to the contract owner 60 days prior to renewal

Send a reminder to a contract owner, a week after the renewal to remind them to upload a new contract to Torii

Notify the team on the day of the renewal

Workflow - User Meets Criteria Examples:

Remind the hiring manager that their employee is joining in a week from now

Send a welcome email to the new employee on the day they join

Terminate employee's Salesforce account, 30 days after they have left the company

Contracts Table:

Show all contracts that were signed less than 6 months ago

Users Table:

Show all users where the start date is over 1 year

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