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Security and Compliance Review

Noga Tubi
Noga Tubi
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SaaS brings new security and compliance challenges. Shadow-IT, exposing Personally Identifiable Information (PII), and sharing the company IP with 3rd parties are all just some of the security and compliance concerns your organization should address. Torii can help you with its security reports and application compliance fields.


Security Reports

Torii comes out of the box with a couple of reports that can assist you:

  • Security page - Google Workspace (G-suite), Azure, and Slack connected application and their risk level

  • SSO audit - Audit managed vs. unmanaged users in your SSO provider.

Compliance, GDPR, and CCPA

Utilizing the application details fields can assist you to keep track of your GDPR/CCPA sub-processors. By updating the relevant fields on the application page and creating the necessary views, you can make sure you meet the compliance regulations when it comes to SaaS applications.


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