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Noga Tubi
Noga Tubi
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The first step to managing your SaaS stack is to know what you have, since you can't manage what you don't know. Torii automatically discovers applications and users from multiple sources. By leveraging so many discovery sources, your data will be more accurate and complete with Torii.

Connect your Identify Providers (IdP)

Connecting your IdP to Torii will fetch users and applications connected to Google Workspace/Azure-AD. Torii will also show you applications that have been used to login using Google Workspace (G-suite) as well as applications that have been given access to the employee Google Workspace/Azure-AD account (e.g. Access to Google Workspace contacts)

How to connect Google Workspace (G-suite) /Azure

  1. Navigate to the Integrations Page -

  2. Hover on Google Workspace or Azure-AD (you can connect to both if needed) and click Connect

  3. The first sync of Google Workspace/Azure-AD might take a few hours, you'll receive notification by email when the sync is completed

Connect your Single-Sign-On provider

Using a Single Sign On (SSO) solution is one of the basic steps for managing your SaaS. Most SaaS tools, however, do not provide SAML connection and therefore you can’t connect them to your SSO solution.

Connecting your SSO provider to Torii creates a unified view in Torii of all your SSO connected tools as well as all the other tools discovered by Torii.

Torii also pulls usage information from your SaaS provider giving you full insight into your SaaS engagement levels and utilization.

How to connect your SSO provider

  1. Navigate to the Integrations Page -

  2. Hover on the relevant SSO provider and click Connect

Connect SaaS tools

Direct integration uses API or headless browser to fetch license and user information from the services. This is the most accurate data as it is pulled directly from the SaaS provider. We recommend that you connect directly to as many SaaS tools as you can.

You can retrieve the following data from a direct integration

  • Users

  • User attributes (groups, departments)

  • Licenses

  • Last usage date

  • Last login date

✢ Some data points may not be provided by all SaaS tools.

How to connect SaaS applications

  1. Navigate to the Integrations Page -

  2. Hover on the relevant SaaS application and click Connect

✢ You can click the Recommended to connect tab to see which additional applicationsTorii may have been discovered and connect them.

✢ You can connect multiple accounts of the same application.


Deploy the Torii Browser Extension

The Torii browser extension acts as an agent on the browser. It is the best tool to surface Shadow-IT. Whenever an employee signs up for a business SaaS application, the Torii browser extension will pick it up and make it visible on your Torii console. You can read more about the browser extension here -

How to deploy Torii browser Extension

Follow the instructions here -


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