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Employee offboarding workflow

Marina Rogachov
Marina Rogachov
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This workflow streamlines the offboarding process for former employees, ensuring timely removal of their access from various tools.

The high level process is:

1. Initiate offboarding in real time, based on user status change in Okta.

2. Google Workspace Management:

    • Suspend the Google Workspace user.
    • Remove the Google user from all Google groups.
    • Sign the Google user out of all active sessions.
    • Transfer Google Docs and Drive data as necessary.


3. Initiate offboarding for other SaaS applications used.

4. Wait for 30 days to ensure completion of offboarding tasks.

5. Archive the Google Workspace user.



Workflow Overview

How to Configure the Workflow

Creating the workflow and setting the trigger

1. Click the "New workflow" button and choose "From scratch" from the dropdown menu.

2. Select the App event trigger and click "Next". The new workflow will be created.

3. Configure the trigger.

The app event trigger enables real-time offboarding based on events in the selected system. We support events from Google Workspace and Okta. Select the "User was deactivated" event for Okta. If your HR management system is the source of truth for user status changes, you can sync it with Okta for continuous status updates, and Torii will take it from there.


Google Workspace Automation

4. Google Workspace typically stands out as one of the most crucial SaaS systems to address during an employee's offboarding process.

Let's establish a sequence of automations specifically tailored for Google Workspace.

Add the "Suspend Google Workspace user" action.

5. Add "Remove user from Google workspace groups" action.

Select a group "All - remove user from all groups" in the "Groups" field. 

6. Add "Sign Google user out of all sessions" action.

7. Add "Transfer Google docs and drive data" action.

Specify the recipient for the file transfer. This could be the user's manager, determined by an attribute from the HR management system, such as the "Reports to" field in Hibob.

Offboarding for Other SaaS Apps

8. Add "Start employee offboarding" action.

This action will trigger all associated Application Offboarding Actions as they are configured in the Offboarding settings.



9. Add "Wait" action.

The action will create a delay between the preceding and subsequent actions. We suggest a one-month waiting period before proceeding to the final offboarding step of archiving the Google user. This delay is crucial to ensure the complete transfer of Google data and the successful offboarding from other SaaS applications.


Complete the offboarding - final step

10. Add "Archive Google Workspace user" action.


By following this workflow, you can ensure a smooth and efficient offboarding process for former employees.


Summary - What to Expect

When you enable the workflow:

1. Whenever a user is deactivated in Okta, Torii will immediately execute a sequence of offboarding actions for Google Workspace.

2. Torii will offboard the user from all apps they were ever discovered in, and perform offboarding actions as configured in the Offboarding settings.

3. When the offboarding in N2 begins, Torii will pause the workflow for 30 days.

4. After this 30-day period, Torii will archive the Google Workspace user.

Keep in mind that in Torii, a user will receive an "Offboarded" badge and be relocated to the Offboarding / Done tab once offboarding from all applications, as set in the Offboarding settings, is finished. This typically occurs before the Google Workspace user is archived.



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