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Introduction to the Plugin Marketplace

Tal Bereznitskey
Tal Bereznitskey
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Plugin Marketplace

Torii is an open platform that can be extended through plugins. Plugins provide additional functionality beyond what Torii provides out of the box. Plugins have access to read and analyze your data, augment it from external sources, and display it in new ways using widgets.


You can find the Plugin Marketplace on your Torii dashboard:

The marketplace shows all available plugins that can be installed. Filter the plugins by:

  • Installed plugins
  • Public and Private plugins
  • Plugin category

To learn more on each plugin, click on its tile to get to the plugin page:



Plugins that support widgets will have a Widgets tab to preview the added functionality after installation:


Once the plugin is installed and data is available, the widget will appear on the Overview tab when viewing an application:


Application details

The plugin will add the listed Application Details shown on the Widgets tab to your account.

You can view the new Application Details on the Settings -> Application Details page. They will be listed in a new group with the plugin name. These application details cannot be edited or deleted, but can be hidden using the Show toggle.

These application details have the full functionality of built-in application details in Torii:

  • Viewing and filtering on the applications page
  • Used within trigger criteria to trigger workflows
  • Used as personalization tokens in workflows

The plugin will provide the data for these application details, and the values cannot be edited or removed.


Installing and uninstalling plugins

When ready to install, click the Install button and provide any requested information. All account admins will receive an email to inform them about the installation of the plugin.

The plugin is now enabled and has access to read and update the data in your account. Read the plugin description to learn more about the expected plugin functionality.


To uninstall, go to the plugin page and click the uninstall button. All account admins will receive an email to inform them about the uninstallation of the plugin. In addition, all widgets and application details will be removed from your account.


Troubleshooting and support

Plugins are created by third parties, which provides the support for the plugin. For plugin-specific support, reach out to the plugin author.


For general support on the Plugin Marketplace, please reach out to our support team at




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