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App Owner Access - For New App Owners

Noga Tubi
Noga Tubi
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Hello! and Welcome to Torii:)

You are now a proud owner of an application in Torii!

What is Torii?

Torii is a SaaS management tool that automatically discovers and maps all cloud applications, licenses, and users.  It automates all daily SaaS-related tasks resulting in SaaS cost reductions, less time spent on managing its technology and improved productivity and internal policies so that you get the most out of your software.
Torii is Managed by IT, but you, as an app owner, can view and manage apps assigned to you.

What can you do in Torii?

  • You can get the app overview
  • Update app information
  • Manage users
  • Manage and take action over contracts (edit)

Why am I an app owner?

You were assigned as an app owner because the organization trusts you to help manage part of the org SW stack, To ensure that there are no wasted licenses and expenses and that only the company-approved users are using it.

Usually, you will become the app owner for the following reasons:

  • You are the app lead user, for example, from finance - in charge of the organization's expense app (like NetSuite, Expensify, etc.) or the HR in charge of the resource management tool (like Hibob, Namely, etc.).
  • You initiated purchasing and using the app (for example, Airtable, Miro, etc.)
  • Your team requested the app, and they are the only ones using it
  • You are the sole user of this app

How does Torii help you to manage the SaaS app? 

Torii provides a holistic view of the applications you are in charge of.

Torii is the organization's primary tool for managing its software.
The company uses Torii to learn the primary contacts for each app, its business justification, how much it costs the organization, etc.

How can I enter Torii?

Enter Torii using the link in the email notification you received.

  1. Once entering, you will see a list of the apps you are in charge of and high-level information about each app.
  2. How many users use this application
  3. The application expenses from the last 12 months
  4. Usage level - shows a dynamic indication of the app's usage
  5. The application's status
  6. Active contract value shows the sum of signed contracts
  7. Click on the app to view and update additional app information

Application Information

  1. At the top of the page, you will find the sum of the app's information, like licenses, expenses, and more.
  2. On the Application page, you will find four tabs, Overview, Info, Users, and Contracts. 
    Under each one, there is information relevant to the app management 
  3. Overview tab - Here, you will find graphs for the User activity, Usage (if synced), and expenses.
    Hover over the graphs to discover additional specific information
  4. Get the licenses utilization breakdown
  5. See when is the next contract renewal time
  6. Get general information about the app
  7. Info tab - Here you can view and take action (edit) the application information like notes, documents, invoices, and more
  8. Users tab - Here, you can view and, in some apps, add and remove the app's users.
    You can learn more about it from this video: Running a Single Action
  9. Contracts tab - You will find and manage the app contract here
    The contract data is crucial for the organization's application management.
    From here, the organization learns its obligations to the software vendors, like duration and costs, and add these obligations to the organization's total SaaS commitments.
    We highly encourage you to upload the application contract into Torii
  10. Add a contract from the + button
  11. Add the contract details and save|mceclip14.png
    You can read more about contracts in the following article 

Need help?

  1. You can always enter our "Help Center" to look for more information 
  2. Contact our support via the "Chat" option

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