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New User Training Overview

Lauren (Lo) Maynard
Lauren (Lo) Maynard
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Hello, and welcome to Torii! fox.gif

We are so excited to work with you/your team and cannot wait to hear about all the great ways Torii has impacted your organization!

To get you started with learning about your new SaaS Management Platform, we have created a series of training videos called 'New User Training'. It consists of 13 bite-sized videos that are each 5-10 minutes long and total 1 hour and 39 minutes.

You will learn more tips about completing the series in the first video, but we wanted to give you a quick sneak peek of what you will learn.

Video Order

The videos are in sequential order and gradually build on the previous videos' content, so we strongly suggest that you watch the videos in the order they are listed below.

  1. Welcome to Torii!
    Quick introduction to your New User training series! Learn how to get the most out of this series.

  2. Where Does Torii Get Its Data?
    Learn what data sources Torii uses, how to integrate your tech stack, and why it's important! 

  3. Setting Up Your Account
    Learn the basics of your Torii environment, which users have access to which settings, and how you can personalize Torii's notifications!

  4. Explorer’s Guide to Your SaaS Ecosystem Pt. 1
    Learn how to navigate around the Applications section of your Torii environment, how to manage your tech stack, and how to leverage Torii's Application Statuses!

  5. Explorer’s Guide to Your SaaS Ecosystem Pt. 2
    Learn what app-specific data Torii compiles for individual applications, how to customize the data fields, and act on the data!

  6. That One App No One Uses
    Learn how to manage your SaaS Licenses, what the difference between an Active and Inactive license, and how to act on the data Torii surfaces!

  7. Jordyn Still Has Access to That App?!
    Learn the different types of Users in Torii, where they come from, and how to manage them!

  8. The Secret Life of Apps
    Learn what how Torii discovers SaaS use through expenses, how to manually import expenses, and what trends Torii tracks!

  9. To Renew or Not to Renew
    Learn how Torii can be a supplement to your contract management, where to upload contract files, and how Torii can help you track SaaS renewals! 

  10. Do I Really Have To Do This?
    Learn what workflows are, how to leverage them, and some of the commonly used ones! 

  11. I Thought YOU Offboarded Eli!
    Learn more about Torii's automation around offboarding employees and how Torii identifies past users! 

  12. All the Audits
    Learn how Torii surfaces security risks in Security, what data Torii compiles for you in Reports, and how to leverage the Insights section!

  13. Congratulations on Completing Training! Now What?
    Congratulations on completing your initial training series! Learn what to do next now that you've completed this training series!

To get started just click on the first video! If you have any questions while completing this series, please reach out to your Customer Experience Manager or use the blue chat bubble in the bottom right corner of your Torii environment.


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