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🎥 New User Training #7: Jordyn Still Has Access to That App?!

Lauren (Lo) Maynard
Lauren (Lo) Maynard
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This is video 7 out of 13 in the New User training series.

  • Learn the different types of Users in Torii, where they come from, and how to manage them!

**Video Update: If you leverage 2 platforms for your User Lifecycle in Torii, a User's status must be updated in BOTH platforms in order for Torii to mark them as a 'Past User'. The video will be updated soon with this correction.

Questions for Implementation

  1. How many SaaS users does your organization estimate it has?
  2. Does that estimation differ from the total number of SaaS users Torii is surfacing?
  3. Who is responsible for any user consolidation efforts?
    • TIP: They'll need access to your organization's IdP/HRMS and Torii.

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