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🎥 New User Training #3: Setting Up Your Account

Lauren (Lo) Maynard
Lauren (Lo) Maynard
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This is video 3 out of 13 in the New User Training Series.

  • Learn the basics of your Torii environment, which users have access to which settings, and how you can personalize Torii's notifications!


Questions for Implementation

  1. Which email notifications should you enable for yourself?
    • TIP: Only enable notifications for Torii elements you're directly responsible for or associated with.
  2. What application serves as your organization's source of truth for employees' lifecycles?
    • TIP: This is usually an Identity Provider (IdP) or HR Management System (HRMS).
  3. How long should Torii's Inactivity Period be?
  4. Should anyone else in your organization have access Torii?
  5. Are there any custom Roles to create prior to adding additional team members to Torii?
  6. How will your organization roll out and leverage Torii's Application Catalog?


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