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How to give access to your Application Catalog?

Noga Tubi
Noga Tubi
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The Application Catalog is a searchable portfolio of all the software used in your organization that you can publish to all your employees.


Make sure you enabled the application catalog access to all employees from Settings -> Application Catalog

Any user listed on your account will be able to sign up and access your Application Catalog at


To check if an email is listed on your account, use the global search at the top navigation bar to search for the user's email:

User Experience with Single Sign On

💡 Having your SSO SAML connected to Torii will ease the login process of employees to the catalog, as they will not need to create a new username/password since they can can use your organization SSO platform.


If SSO authentication is configured for your account, the user can click on the Torii button on your identity provider dashboard (Okta, OneLogin, Google, Microsoft, etc...) and be sent directly into the application catalog. A Torii user will be automatically provisioned for them and there is no need for signing up.


You can allow your entire organization access to Torii from your identity provider or limit it to specific groups or people. Users will be created as members without access to the Torii dashboard, but with access to the Application Catalog.


User Experience without Single Sign On

If SSO is not configured for your account, users can sign up using an email and password.


This is the flow for your users:


Step 1

The user visits


Step 2

The user clicks on the "Sign up" button.


Step 3

The user enters their email address and clicks "Confirm".


Step 4

The user will receive an email with a confirmation link. A click on that link will send the user directly to the application catalog where they will be asked to choose a password.


Need help?

We are always available to help with the Application Catalog setup:

  • Contact us by our support email at

  • Contact us via the Intercom chat on our website.


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