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Streamline the Browser Extension Activation for Your Entire Organization

Noga Tubi
Noga Tubi
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Learn how to deploy and activate the Torii browser extension for your entire organization

After deploying the Torii browser extension, employees will need to activate the extension by signing in to Torii. While this process is quick and simple, you have the option to make it even simpler by sending a Browser Activation Email.

Browser Activation Email

The Browser Activation Email contains a magic-link, that will sign the user into Torii and activate the extension with a single click:


The email is fully customizable, including the subject and content.

Note that the Magic link is applicable for 2 days.

Sending the Browser Activation Email

To send the browser activation to new users

Create a new workflow from the Workflows page, use a trigger that will run for each new user, and add the "Send browser activation email" to the workflow.


You can then configure the fields:

  • Send activation email to - who should get the email.

  • Send request from - who should be displayed as the sender.

  • Subject and Message - the contents of the email to send.

  • Email address for questions - if the user does not have the extension installed, he will have the option to contact this email address.

To send the emails to all users who haven't activated the extension

Go to the Extension status report page, and click on the banner to send an email to all users who haven't activated their extension within the last 30 days.


The same email, as shown above, will be sent. The email is fully customizable.


Browser extension modes

Torii browser extension operates in 3 alternative modes. These modes affect how and which data is being sent from the extension to Torii.

They do not have any effect on how the extension looks and behaves from the employee's perspective.

The different modes are:

  1. Authenticated mode (recommended) - Torii collects data only from authenticated employees. This means that employees would need to log in to the extension in order for their usage data to be sent.

  2. Unauthenticated mode - Torii collects data from all users of the browser extension. Torii gathers data from every user of the browser extension, including both logged-in employees and those who haven't logged in and their identity can not be confirmed by authentication.

  3. Disabled - The Torii extension will not collect any usage data from any employee

Please be mindful. Setting the extension mode to Unauthenticated mode opens the door for unauthenticated, less reliable data to be sent into Torii. We strongly recommend using the Secure mode.


If you want to check what mode you're currently in or switch between extension modes go to the Settings page.

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