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How to Customize the Application Catalog

Noga Tubi
Noga Tubi
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Customize the appearance and the behavior of the Application Catalog

Torii allows you to fully customize your application catalog by configuring which information about apps to expose to your employees. For example, you can add app usage guidelines that are specific to your org, or show which teams you recommend to use the app. You can also configure if employees can request access to existing or new apps from the catalog page.


Application Catalog Settings

Within the Application Catalog setting you can control the following:

  1. Enable access to employees

  2. Displaying and hiding application fields in the catalog

  3. Enabling the "Request Application Access" button

  4. Enabling the "Request New App" button

  5. Add a company logo

To access the application catalog settings, navigate to
Settings → Application Catalog:



Enable Access to Employees

In order to publish the catalog to all your employees, turn on the "Enable for all employees" toggle button.

Any user listed on your account will be able to sign up and access your Application Catalog at


More information on how to give access to the catalog to your employees can be found here.


💡 Note: As a Torii Admin, you can access the catalog even before you enable it for your employees. Use this option to preview the catalog before making it public.


Displaying and Hiding Application Fields in the Catalog

In the "Select Application Fields" section, you can add and remove fields that will be shown in the catalog for each app.

The fields you can select are either Torii predefined fields (description, owner, tags, and users) or application custom fields that you defined in the Application Details section.

Any field you select is immediately added to the panel on the right, to provide you with a visual preview of how the information is going to be displayed in the catalog. You can change the order of the fields by dragging and dropping the field boxes up and down.


Enabling "Request Application Access" Button

With the "Request Access" button enabled, you can streamline requests of your employees to the applications you publish in the catalog.

You can define the action that will be performed when the "Request Access" button is clicked:

  • Compose email - Torii will open the email client for the employee to send an email to the addressee you added.

  • Open link - link the button to a form or to your help desk portal.

  • Trigger workflow - connect the button to an existing workflow with the "Request access" trigger.


Enabling the "Request New App" Button

With the "Request New App" button enabled, you can streamline the requests of your employees to new applications that they do not find in the catalog.


If you enable the button, make sure to link it to the form you want your employees to complete, or to your organization's service portal where they can open a ticket.


Add a Company Logo

To customize your Application Catalog with a company logo, navigate to Settings > Application Catalog and click to expand the "Select Logo" section. If no logo has been added yet, click "Browse" and in the resulting dialog box, choose your asset.


The recommended size for a logo image is 1320px x 300px. Most image types are accepted, including .PNG and .SVG.


This image can be updated at any time by hovering over the current logo and clicking the pencil icon to edit, or the trashcan icon to remove the image entirely.



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