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How to Add Tools to the Application Catalog

Noga Tubi
Noga Tubi
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Configure rules to populate your application catalog automatically

Torii allows you to configure dynamic rules that automatically apply to all apps in your SaaS stack to add or remove them from the catalog. Setup the rules once and Torii will maintain the catalog for you!

💡 Note - By default, the application catalog is configured to show all sanctioned applications.


Configure Rules Within the Application Catalog Settings Page

Open the "Select Applications" section within the Application Catalog Settings page, and add the filters you want to apply to your app stack when creating the catalog.

For example, you might want to show only applications that are sanctioned and have more than 25 users. This will ensure that applications that are not widely adopted will be automatically hidden from the catalog.

Each time you add a new filter, you will see a total number of apps matching the filter in the notification under the filters area.

You can view the list of the apps which were added to the catalog by clicking the link "View applications".


💡 Note - the catalog is immediately updated each time you edit the filters. Therefore, we recommend setting up the filters before publishing the catalog.


App Page View When an App Appears in the Catalog

Every application that matches the filter criteria and appears in the catalog will have an indication on its overview page. See the below "About" section for reference.



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