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How to Use the Application Catalog

Noga Tubi
Noga Tubi
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The application catalog allows you to share with your employees a defined inventory of SaaS tools that are used in your organization. Using the catalog facilitates tool consolidation, reduces the number of IT support requests and automates the process of providing access to SaaS tools.

Read more about how to publish your SaaS catalog article.


The applications that are displayed in the catalog

The application catalog lists all apps that are marked as sanctioned. The apps are divided into categories, which in most cases match employee roles. For example, there is a category for Customer Success tools, a category for Design tools, and so on.

Torii identifies apps that a logged-in user signed in to and marks these with a star.


Information about apps

Clicking an app block displays detailed information about the app in the panel on the right. The displayed information is fully customizable - see how to set it up in the How to customize the application catalog article. We recommend adding highlights about which teams are expected to use the app, app owner name, usage guidelines, and any other information which is important for you to expose to your employees.



Finding an app in the catalog

There might be many apps in the catalog. To find apps of your interest, use the Categories filter and search box.

Categories filter

Selecting one or more categories in the left panel filters the apps list, and shows only apps belonging to the marked categories.

Search box

Adding text to the search box will immediately filter the apps list to show apps that have a match either in their name or in any other of the details. For example, adding "log" to the search box will immediately shorten the list to show only apps that have the word "log" mentioned in description, tags, guidelines or any other fields that an admin selected to expose.

If an app is not found in the catalog, Torii will identify similar available apps and recommend them to users.


Requesting access to apps

When enabled by an admin, the "Request application access" button appears on the app information panel. Employees can then request access to the application they are interested to use. Based on the IT admin setup, clicking the button will either redirect the employee to a different domain (e.g. help desk) or run an automatic action (read more in the Request application access workflow article).


Requesting new applications

In case employees cannot find an application they are interested in within the catalog, they can submit a request for a new app. To achieve this, they need to click the "Request a new application" link above the apps list. This will redirect the employee to another page as defined by an admin, where they will be asked to provide details about the app they would like to use.



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