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Users Filters

Noga Tubi
Noga Tubi
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Understand, set, and work with Users filters


Users filter can help you get a detailed user view and perform actions on selected users.

From a selected application go to the Users tab.

You can filter users according to user role, license type, number of days a user used the app recently, and more.

You can also filter by attributes received from HRM and IDP systems connected to your organization.

  • Get to users filters from the Applications tab >> Users

When and how to use filters

Filters can help you find and perform quick actions on a single or multiple users.
In the below example you can see how to use the "past employee" filter to find and block past users from accessing office 365.

  1. From the filter, select the filter topic, in this case, Azure Department

  2. From the list, select the department name, in this case past users

  3. Once filtered, select the employees you want to block

  4. Click the Run action button

  5. In this example select - Block Office 365 user sign-in

  6. Click on Run action

Users Filters from Users page

  • From the Users page, you can view all users in your org.

    You can filter and view all users, but no actions can be made from the page

  • Note that Torii added default views (filters) at the top of the page from which you can view users' lists according to - Current, Past and External lists.
    Click here to read more about users' definition

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