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Send direct Slack notifications

Noga Tubi
Noga Tubi
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Use workflows to notify employees on Slack


Slack is the most widely used communication platform in organizations nowadays. Torii allows you to reach your employees faster by sending direct Slack notifications.

How to send notifications

You can decide to notify your employees about IT events that need their attention.

For example, you can create a workflow that sends Slack notification to an app owner when a user with assigned app license leaves, or to notify the budget owner about an upcoming renewal.

When adding actions to a workflow, select "Send notification" action which appears in the Slack actions section.


You will be asked to select a Slack account, users and/or Slack channels you would like to send notifications to. Add notification text and you are good to go!


Sending notifications to private channels

To send notifications to private channels, you need to invite the Torii app to the channel. Tag the app as @Torii, and approve when Slack asks you if to invite the app to the channel. If the app was invited to the private channel, you will be able to select to send a notification to this channel along with public channels.


How employees get notifications

The notification will be sent from the Torii bot. Users won't be able to interact with the bot. If they reply the bot, they will get a message, explaining they need to contact their IT admin.


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