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Torii User Roles & Scopes

Noga Tubi
Noga Tubi
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Understand Torii roles and permission scopes

Torii users with the Admin role can customize the permissions for new and existing users in your Torii account.

A role defines the access level (full access or read-only) for each scope.

Pre-defined Roles

There are four pre-defined roles within Torii that cannot be changed:

  1. Admin - Has full access to all scopes, including the ability to create new roles, manage members and manage API keys
  2. Read-only - Can view all data but can't take any action
  3. Procurement - Access level for procurement personnel in which they can view and update financial records without being exposed to employees' attributes
  4. IT Admin - Responsible for the daily operation of the assets management

Custom Roles

Torii users with the Admin role can create custom roles. Custom roles define the access level (full access or read-only) for each scope.

Access Scopes


Update company general settings from the Settings → General tab:

  • Company name

  • Outgoing email display name

  • Displayed currency

  • User lifecycle

  • Inactivity period

  • Sign out users on being idle

  • Extension mode

Public views

  • Create and edit applications and contracts for public views

💡 Users will always have the ability to delete views that were created by them even if Public View permission is taken from them after the view was created.


  • Connect, disconnect, and sync integrations


  • Create, edit and update workflows

  • Start, stop and re-open employee offboarding

  • Update offboarding configuration


  • Update application info, state and owner

  • Hide and unhide applications

  • Add custom applications


  • Add, edit and delete contracts

License and chargeback

  • Update license costs

  • Configure chargeback


  • Upload and delete expense files

  • Archive and unarchive transactions

  • Edit expense rules

Application Catalog

  • Enable and disable application catalog access

  • Configure application catalog settings

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