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Publish Your SaaS Application Catalog

Noga Tubi
Noga Tubi
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The Torii application catalog which encourages the transparency of SaaS tools will lead to better efficiency, knowledge sharing and easier access to the power tools that run your organization.


Our customers already use the application catalog to:

  • Remove application duplications. When employees have access to the entire applications list, they can choose the best tools without introducing duplicate applications or duplicate accounts in the same application.

  • Identify owners. Who's in charge of which application? Application owners are listed next to each application making them more reachable and better able to share their knowledge and take action.

  • Increase utilization and adoption. Instead of rapidly introducing more and more applications, make better use of the ones you have. With transparency into all applications, employees can easily find and get access to the existing and approved solutions.

How to Publish Torii Application Catalog

💡 Having your SSO SAML connected to Torii will ease the login process of employees to the catalog, as they will not need to create a new username/password since they can can use your organization SSO platform.




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