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How to Subscribe to Torii

Uri Nativ
Uri Nativ
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Subscribing to Torii is straightforward. Follow these steps to get started:

  1. Navigate to Subscription Settings
    Go to Settings, select Subscription and click Subscribe.
  2. Select Your Plan
    For annual plans, select the number of users. To understand more about Torii licensing and true-ups, refer to our Subscription Management help article.
  3. Confirm Payment
    Click Pay Now.
  4. Enter Payment Details
    You will be redirected to the payment page. Enter your credit card details and click Subscribe.

Notice: If you have not configured the "Employee definition" in Torii, you will be charged per the number of users, which is usually higher than the number of employees. Therefore, we advise you to ensure the number of employees listed by Torii accurately reflects the number of employees in your company. For detailed guidance on configuring the employee definition in Torii, check this help article: Employees In Torii.

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