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Renewal Workflow

Marina Rogachov
Marina Rogachov
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This workflow automates the contract renewal process by sending automated renewal notifications, ensuring timely action, and effective preparation for upcoming renewals.

The high level process is:

1. Trigger the workflow 90 days before the contract renewal date.

2. Check if the contract will auto-renew.

3. Send notification to the contract owner.


Workflow Overview

How to Configure the Workflow

1. Click the "New workflow" button and choose "From scratch" from the dropdown menu.

2. Select the Contract meets criteria trigger and click "Next". The new workflow will be created.

3. Configure the trigger.

Choose the ideal timeframe to initiate preparations for renewal. We suggest beginning this process 90 days prior to the contract end date.

4. Add the "If/Else branchaction.

6. Create different automation branches for contracts set to auto-renew and those that do not.

To do this, click the "Add branch" button in the action configuration panel.

7.  Add the filter Contract auto-renewal is Yes.

8. Add another branch and configure it to Contract auto-renewal is No.

9. Add the "Send Slack notification" action under the first branch (that we called Auto Renewal).

Configure the action.

You can send the notification to either the contract owner or any other stakeholder responsible for the renewal process.

In the message mention if the contract will auto-renew. We recommend advising the recipient to reach out to the application owner for further insight on whether the current contract should be renewed unchanged or if there's an opportunity for optimization, such as requiring fewer licenses or negotiating a better price.

10.  Add the "Send Slack notification" action under the second branch (that we called Will expire).

Configure the action, adjusting the message that will be sent to the contract owner.


Summary - What to Expect

Once you activate this workflow:

1. Torii will continuously evaluate if there are contracts whose renewal date is upcoming in 90 days.

2. Once such a contract is found, Torii will check if the contract will renew automatically, and send a Slack notification to the contract owner, suggesting which actions to take.

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